The Doo-Bop Club

Handelsesplanaden 12 / Kauppapuistikko 12
65100 Vaasa

Regular mailing address:
The Doo-Bop Club r.f.
PB 14
65101 Vasa


General questions

If you have general questions about the club you can e-mail us at

Rental requests

If you are interested in arranging an own event or renting the club for a private party please contact Saana Staaf: 

Gig requests

For gig requests, please contact Mathias Sandberg:

Please note:
– The latest time to book a gig for the spring season Feb – March is mid-January
– The latest time to book a gig for the fall season Sep – Nov is mid-August
– We prefer Saturdays for own gigs, Fridays being the secondary option. Other days in the week are generally not available.
– We have a summer break from the beginning of May to the end of August, and a winter break from the beginning of December to the end of January. During these times, we do not arrange own concerts but we may host other events.