Welcome to Doo-Bop Club


The Doo-Bop Club is a concert venue in the heart of Vasa that is all about live music!

The live acts that perform at Doo-Bop are local and national as well as international top acts. The music ranges from jazz, blues, funk, and latin to country and pop/rock. From the bar you will get a range of different beers, ciders and soft drinks at a reasonable price, to enjoy during the concerts.

Opening hours:
Unless otherwise specified, we’re open from 21.00 to 01.00 every Friday and Saturday during fall 2015. The concerts starts at approx. 22.00.

Unless otherwise specified, 8 € (norm), 5 € (stud/pens), members free. No cloakroom fee. If you want quicker service, bring cash!

Membership fee: 25 €/year.
If you enjoy our club, we’re happy to invite you to register as a member! A membership card gives you free entry to all concerts arranged by Doo-Bop Club during the ongoing season as well as the whole next one. Read more on how to become a member here.

Events for fall 2015

The Doo-Bop Club will continue celebrating 20 years of live music with some excellent artists this fall. Every Friday and Saturday until 19.12.2015 we offer a great place to hangout and listen to good music. Don’t forget to buy a new membership card if the old one has expired!

  • 4.9 Petteri Sariola
  • 5.9 Hans Olding & Jaska Lukkarinen Quartet feat. K-M Almqvist (SWE)
  • 11.9 Intopiukeet: Improv Theater
  • 12.9 Los Cubatas / DJ Free KC
  • 18.9 Musik&Talang: Carling Big Band (SWE) / Ronya
  • 19.9 Musik&Talang: Ketola & Nyqvist / Ung Musiker / Jam Session
  • 25.9 Colorblue / Disco I Mitt Hjärta
  • 26.9 Niklas Winter & Mathias Sandberg Quartet
  • 2.10 Joe Vestich feat. Leszek Chichonski (POL)
  • 3.10 Nils Landgren (SWE)
  • 9.10 Nino Ramsby (SWE)
  • 10.10 Alicia Ricciardi (ITA)
  • 16.10 Volume: Death Hawks & Sammal
  • 17.10 Peter Nordwall Quartet
  • 23.10 Guitar Frenzy!
  • 24.10 M Sandberg Trio
  • 30.10 La Riippa Group
  • 31.10 Mariah Hortans Quartet
  • 6.11 Jazz Jam Session / Ritz Lindy Hoppers Social Dance
  • 7.11 LSD – Lindborg, Sjöstedt & Daniel (SWE)
  • 13.11 Ritmos del Sur
  • 14.11 Ralf Nyqvist Quartet
  • 20.11 Iron Country Sisters / Nightbird
  • 21.11 Vaasa Big Band feat. Jenny Robson & Mikael Jakobsson
  • 27.11 Intopiukeet: Improv Theater
  • 28.11 Håkan Broström Quartet feat. Joey Calderazzo (USA)
  • 4.12 1/2- Cast
  • 5.12 Jim Campilongo (USA)
  • 11.12 LYSA
  • 12.12 Orcherstra Wave
  • 18.12 Amelie Goes To Belgrad
  • 19.12 FONT

You can read more info about the evenings at Events fall 2015.

Night of Arts

The Doo-Bop Club will celebrate the Night of Arts (Thursday 6.8) with live music all night long! Four different artists/bands and four different genres so there will surely be something for everybody to enjoy!

Free entry. Welcome!

Doors: 19.00 (k-18)
19:30 Nightbird – Singer-songwriter
20.30 Rantala/Sandberg/Brokvist – Jazz
21:30 Jorma Lover & The Others – Rockabilly
22:30 Amelie Goes To Belgrad – Balkan

Our Fall season will begin on Friday 4.9.2015. The programme will be released later in August.

Happy Birthday!



HOORAY! On 6.5.1995 the Doo-Bop Club opened the doors for the first time and held the first concert! A group of musicians wanted a place to play music so they founded The Doo-Bop Club and the rest is history. The organization and its volunteers have now successfully run a music club for 20 years and organized numerous concerts! To honor this, Doo-Bop club will have a big 20th anniversary celebration weekend, on 22nd and 23rd May.



On Friday, 22.5, we will have a open mic/jam session night. Everyone who has ever played at Doo-Bop Club or ever wanted to is welcome to play a tune this evening. If you don’t feel like playing you can just come to the club and enjoy the music and mingle. Showtime is at 21.30.

On Saturday, 23.5, we celebrate with some excellent musicians from the Swedish jazz scene, Isabella Lindgren and Carl Bagge trio. Together with Carl Bagges dynamic trio Isabella Lundgren takes on music from the american songbook, the blues tradition and her original compositions, that hopefully will warm your heart and stir your thoughts. Showtime at 21.30.



New board

The Doo-Bop Club held it’s annual meeting on 6.4.2015. A new chairman and new board members were elected for 2015-2016.

Richard Mitts – chairman
Alex Holm – vice chairman
Ulrika Öhman – secretary
Mathias Sandberg
Charlotta Furu
Stina Emaus
Matilda Ångerman
Camilla Klemets
Emil Nordström
Martin Hanses

The annual meeting also elected two new honorary members:
Roger Bäck
Angie Iglesias

We thank the old board for their work and wish the new board good luck!


Events for spring 2015

This year Doo-Bop Club is celebrating 20 years of live music! We are celebrating this with many excellent local and international artist and ending the season with a great Doo-Bop Club 20th Anniversary Celebration on 22nd and 23rd of May. New for this spring is that we are open every Friday and Saturday until 23.5.2015.

  • 31.1 Eric Alexander Quartet (USA/SWE)
  • 6.2 Sounds of Bakersfield
  • 7.2 Olli Rantala Trio
  • 13.2 Intopiukeet: Improv Theater
  • 14.2 West Yard Jazz Quartet
  • 20.2 Disco i mitt hjärta
  • 21.2 Ritmos del Sur
  • 27.2 Ritz Lindy Hoppers: social dance
  • 28.2 Niklas Winter & Friends
  • 6.3 WeForShe – UN Women Benefit Concert
  • 7.3 Pelle Holmberg Group (SWE)
  • 13.3 Music is the weapon (SWE)
  • 14.3 ENQ
  • 20.3 David Kollar
  • 21.3 Will Vinson
  • 27.3 Petteri Sariola – CANCELLED
  • 28.3 Henrik Wirzenius Quartet
  • 3.4 Volume: Lapko
  • 4.4 Jere Lahti Gruop
  • 10.4 Thoby Loth
  • 11.4 Speak No Evil & Rickard Slotte Quartet
  • 17.4 Intopiukeet: Improv Theater
  • 18.4 Clark Jakobsson Quartet feat. Charlotta Kerbs
  • 24.4 Volume: Tundramatiks
  • 25.4 Ikonen-Hirvonen-Lehtonen
  • 1.5 Splendid People
  • 2.5 Los Cubatas
  • 8.5 Boo Fighters
  • 9.5 Ginger Sisters
  • 15.5 DJ Organ!k
  • 16.5 The Good Vibe Band
  • 22.5 Doo-Bop Club 20th Anniversary Celebration: Open mic/Jam session
  • 23.5 Doo-Bop Club 20th Anniversary Celebration: Isabella Lundgren & Carl Bagge Trio

For more info about the artists go to Events spring 2015.