Welcome to Doo-Bop Club


The Doo-Bop Club is a concert venue in the heart of Vasa that is all about live music!

The live acts that perform at Doo-Bop are local and national as well as international top acts. The music ranges from jazz, blues, funk, and latin to country and pop/rock. From the bar you will get a range of different beers, ciders and soft drinks at a reasonable price, to enjoy during the concerts.

Opening hours:
Unless otherwise specified, we’re open from 21.00 to 01.00 every Friday and Saturday during spring 2015. The concerts starts at approx. 22.00.

Unless otherwise specified, 8 € (norm), 5 € (stud/pens), members free. No cloakroom fee. If you want quicker service, bring cash!

Membership fee: 25 €/year.
If you enjoy our club, we’re happy to invite you to register as a member! A membership card gives you free entry to all concerts arranged by Doo-Bop Club during the ongoing season as well as the whole next one. Read more on how to become a member here.

New board

The Doo-Bop Club held it’s annual meeting on 6.4.2015. A new chairman and new board members were elected for 2015-2016.

Richard Mitts – chairman
Alex Holm – vice chairman
Ulrika Öhman – secretary
Mathias Sandberg
Charlotta Furu
Stina Emaus
Matilda Ångerman
Camilla Klemets
Emil Nordström
Martin Hanses

The annual meeting also elected two new honorary members:
Roger Bäck
Angie Iglesias

We thank the old board for their work and wish the new board good luck!


Events for spring 2015

This year Doo-Bop Club is celebrating 20 years of live music! We are celebrating this with many excellent local and international artist and ending the season with a great Doo-Bop Club 20th Anniversary Celebration on 22nd and 23rd of May. New for this spring is that we are open every Friday and Saturday until 23.5.2015.

  • 31.1 Eric Alexander Quartet (USA/SWE)
  • 6.2 Sounds of Bakersfield
  • 7.2 Olli Rantala Trio
  • 13.2 Intopiukeet: Improv Theater
  • 14.2 West Yard Jazz Quartet
  • 20.2 Disco i mitt hjärta
  • 21.2 Ritmos del Sur
  • 27.2 Ritz Lindy Hoppers: social dance
  • 28.2 Niklas Winter & Friends
  • 6.3 WeForShe – UN Women Benefit Concert
  • 7.3 Pelle Holmberg Group (SWE)
  • 13.3 Music is the weapon (SWE)
  • 14.3 ENQ
  • 20.3 David Kollar
  • 21.3 Will Vinson
  • 27.3 Petteri Sariola – CANCELLED
  • 28.3 Henrik Wirzenius Quartet
  • 3.4 Volume: Lapko
  • 4.4 Jere Lahti Gruop
  • 10.4 Thoby Loth
  • 11.4 Speak No Evil & Rickard Slotte Quartet
  • 17.4 Intopiukeet: Improv Theater
  • 18.4 Clark Jakobsson Quartet feat. Charlotta Kerbs
  • 24.4 Volume: Tundramatiks
  • 25.4 Ikonen-Hirvonen-Lehtonen
  • 1.5 Splendid People
  • 2.5 Los Cubatas
  • 8.5 Boo Fighters
  • 9.5 Ginger Sisters
  • 15.5 DJ Organ!k
  • 16.5 The Good Vibe Band
  • 22.5 Doo-Bop Club 20th Anniversary Celebration: Open mic/Jam session
  • 23.5 Doo-Bop Club 20th Anniversary Celebration: TBA

For more info about the artists go to Events spring 2015.