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A new season has begun

The fall season of 2019 at our jazz club begun on Saturday the 7th of September. This fall we offer you live music every Friday and Saturday to the end of November. 

Don’t forget to renew your membership card! Welcome to the club!


SIRÉN is a 24 year old artist from Ostrobothnia based in Stockholm. As a songwriting artist she brings only personal keepsakes to the table, and the result is catchy pop melodies with a hint of melancholy with lyrics that make you relate and connect. She has released 4 singles and more is yet to come. This fall she is coming home and paying Doo-Bop Club a visit to show us what she’s been working on.


Bowman Trio

We Jazz Records releases Bowman Trio’s new album in the spring 2019. The first single, ”The Chase/Hillary Step 7”, was released 5 October 2018. The second album pushes the trio towards more individual style, but minimalism and acoustic music are still present. New songs tell stories about summer, freedom and exhaustion.

Tomi Nikku – trumpet

Joonas Tuuri – bass

Sami Nummela – drums