Friday 25/8

This Friday (25/8), a few of us from the club will be representing The Doo-Bop Club at Elisa Stadion before the Per Gessle concert starts, 16:30-17:15. Mariah Hortans (vocals), Anders Sjölind (trumpet), Mathias Sandberg (guitar), Tobias Nygård (bass) and Jere Lahti (drums) will play some jazz and hand out 100 free entrance-tickets to The Doo-Bop Club that can be used during the coming concert season! See you there!

Night Of Arts

Come down to the The Doo-Bop Club to celebrate Night of Arts with some live music!

19:30 Mariah Hortans Jazz Quartet
Mariah Hortans (vocals), Mathias Sandberg (guitar), Roger Bäck (bass) and Valter Söderbacka (drums) play original compositions.

20:30 My Five Strings
Martin Hanses (banjo, vocals), Erik Sjöholm (guitar) and Emma Strömbäck (cello) play a mix of own tunes and classics.

21.30 Jonas Rönnqvist Quartet
Jonas Rönnqvist (sax), Mathias Sandberg (guitar), Jonathan Bäckström (bass) and Valter Söderbacka (drums) play jazz standards.

22:30 Jerry Lindqvist and The Outlaws
Vaasa’s own Alt-Country band plays original classics like Drinking to Forget, Whiskey Bar and A Real Good Country. 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Jerry and the Outlaws’ second album No.2.
Jerry Lindqvist (guitar, vocals), Janne Hyöty (guitar), Stefan Brokvist (drums) and Carl-Johan Hultgren (bass).

— — — —

Doors: 19:00
Free entry!

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The board for 2017-2018

The Doo-Bop Club held it’s annual meeting on 26.3.2017. Most of the old board members will continue for another year so there will still be many familiar faces behind the bar for the following two seasons. Our chairman has done a good job and got reelected.


This is the board for 2017-2018:

Richard Mitts – chairman
Alex Holm – vice chairman
Ulrika Öhman – secretary
Mathias Sandberg
Camilla Klemets
Emil Nordström
Martin Hanses
Emma Strömbäck
André Backman
Mariah Hortans

The annual meeting also elected one new honorary member:
Olof Englund