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Fall season starts

The first concerts of the fall season is coming up! On Friday we open at 21 as usual and Angie Iglesias with band will play brand-new versions of the greatest hits of Adele. On Saturday we have some swingin’ mainstream jazz focusing on standards and jazz originals played by Aleksi Heinola Quartet.

The complete programme will be announced in just a few days.


The club has a new board

The Doo-Bop Club held it’s annual meeting on 20.3.2016. Our chairman got reelected and we got a few new board members.

This is the board for 2016-2017:

Richard Mitts – chairman
Alex Holm – vice chairman
Ulrika Öhman – secretary
Mathias Sandberg
Camilla Klemets
Emil Nordström
Martin Hanses
Emma Strömbäck
André Backman
Mariah Hortans

The annual meeting also elected two new honorary members:
Suzana Mangs
Charlotta Furu

The programme for spring 2016

It is time to start a new season of high-quality live music! This spring we have many local musicians, but also some excellent artists from other parts of Finland and the nordic countries. We are open every Friday and Saturday until 21st of May.

  • 29.1 Volume: Kauko Röyhkä
  • 30.1 Clark Jakobsson Quartet
  • 5.2 Angie Iglesias goes Adele
  • 6.2 Tomas Karlsson’s “Zen Guitar Songs” CD release
  • 12.2 Sandra Långbacka
  • 13.2 Martin Kollerup Sørensen Trio (DNK/SWE)
  • 19.2 The Moves
  • 20.2 Lars Jansson Trio & Tommy Lakso (SWE)
  • 26.2 Los Cubatas
  • 27.2 Jere Lahti Group
  • 4.3 Green Light District
  • 5.3 Wasa Gypsy Jazz Trio
  • 11.3 We For She — UN Women Benefit Concert
  • 12.3 Waltz For Debby Revisited
  • 18.3 Intopiukeet: Improv Theater
  • 19.3 Mikko Saari Trio
  • 25.3 Funky Sound Foundation
  • 26.3 BPM-unit
  • 1.4 Express
  • 2.4 Birth of the Cool
  • 8.4 My Five StringsDoo-Bop_poster_SPRING2016
  • 9.4 ENQ
  • 15.4 Johan Emet & The Masters Of The Universe
  • 16.4 Alex Jønsson “Spy on your friends” (DNK)
  • 22.4 Jerry Lindqvist
  • 23.4 Ilkka Rantamäki, Northern way & The Bluesbrokers
  • 29.4 Intopiukeet: Improv Theater
  • 30.4 Sandberg/Helevä/Mäkynen
  • 6.5 Ginger Sisters
  • 7.5 Myriad3 (can)
  • 13.5 Ritmos del Sur
  • 14.5 Five Steps
  • 20.5 Mariah Hortans Quartet
  • 21.5 Fifth Avenue

Remember to renew your membership card if it has expired. For only 25€ you get free entry to all concerts arranged by us during the season! Welcome down to the club, we hope you will enjoy the music and atmosphere!


Season start and a membership fee update

Hi everybody! It’s time to kick off the spring season upcoming Friday! On Friday (29.1) Volume presents Kauko Ryöhkä and on Saturday (30.1) Clark Jakobsson Quartet enters the stage! We hope that you are as excited as we are for a new season at the club!

Our membership fee will still be the small price of 25 € but from spring 2016 onwards, it will apply to only one season and not the entire year as before. If you visit the club more than three times per season, it is profitable and at the same time contributes to help us continue to offer high-quality live music twice a week.

See you at the club!



The membership card for spring 2016!