Tomi Salesvuo East Funk Attack

Fri 19Nov

Tomi Salesvuo East Funk Attack is bursting with energy!

Helsinki based sextet East Funk Attack continue their previous work with new release,  Nothing’s Enough. Nine extravaganza of all things funk, it includes diverse guitar tones  and rhythms, whilst making space for each instrument in its own right. Composer Tomi  

Salesvuo brings the group together in musical snapshots of their world ranging from under  three to over seven minutes of pure funk rhythms. 

On this new release, the band does what they love best and get down into the feel of the  music, with tracks like Drummer’s Life and the frantic Wasted, a massive release of funk  energy. Layers of guitar, vocal riffs, and complex bass patterns all interplay with  syncopated drums to create music which speaks not just through singing but through  uncanny sounds and textures. The raw humanity behind the album is apparent and the  band’s sense of fun and love for playing shines through. 

East Funk Attack is a powerful funk rock sextet which holds nothing back in terms of fat  sounds, thick bass, groove, and attitude. Formed by drummer-composer Tomi Salesvuo,  his driving beats underpin layers of guitar and inject each track with hi-octane musical fuel.  The band has released two previous albums and toured in Europe; singer Taru Ratilainen, 

guitarist Matias Kiiveri, and bassist Heikki Laine fill out the sound to the max while Ukko  Heinonen on sax and keyboardist Ilmari Aitoaho complete the group with irresistible  harmonies and melody lines. 

The band has now been active for seven years and is still going strong; aside from their  LPs they have also released a live studio EP which adds even more funk energy and  connection between the musicians. Born from a Helsinki gig night when Salesvuo decided  to combine his love for rock, funk, and jazz, East Funk Attack has gone from strength to  strength, receiving press attention for their rhythm, energy and celebration of funk, bringing  new life into the genre with their own twist. 


Taru Ratilainen, vocals 

Ukko Heinonen, saxophone & flute 

Ilmari Aitoaho, rhodes & keys 

Matias Kiiveri, guitar & backing Vocals 

Heikki Laine, bass 

Tomi Salesvuo, drums & backing vocals

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