SM4 with David Lyttle (UK) & Joonatan Rautio

Sat 28Sep

Graceful melodic jazz, virtuosic improvisations and rhythmic playfulness is guaranteed!

SM4, aka Söderbacka-Matikainen Quartet, featuring David Lyttle (UK) and Joonatan Rautio is a brand new lineup that debuts this fall. The music by SM4 can be described as melodic jazz with modern flavours that sets a playground for the musicians to create rhythmic and harmonic adventures. The music for SM4 is mainly written by guitarist Martin Söderbacka and basist Eevalotta Matikainen. Together with innovative drummer David Lyttle from Northern Ireland and one of Finlands foremost jazz musicians and saxophone virtuoso, Joonatan Rautio, they offer an evening filled with jazz, beautiful music and joyful moments. 

David Lyttle (UK) is one of Northern Irelands foremost jazz musicians. He has received nominations for MOBO Awards and Urban Music Awards. His work is described by Rolling Stone magazine as "one of the best, robust listening experiences you're likely to have all year" and by website All about jazz as " of the world's great contemporary drummers." 

The tenor saxophonist Joonatan Rautio is well known for his virtuosity and his soloistic strength and vitality. His musical background is firmly rooted in the jazz tradition. Joonatan Rautio makes a strong statement, both rhythmically and harmonically. He has performed with many top Finnish and International musical artists. He has also led many of his own ensembles, most currently his own trio and electric jazz fusion group, Nassaun Fasaani. Joonatan Rautio was granted the Yrjö award in 2010 by the Finnish Jazz Federation. It is considered as being the highest accolade in Finnish jazz. He also was received the Finnish Saxophone Society's Josef Kaartinen award in 1999. In the year 2000, he won the Pekka Pöyry prize, and the next year he was named Pori Jazz Artist of the Year for 2001. 

Martin Söderbacka and Eevalotta Matikainen started collaborating in 2010 and formed Söderbacka-Matikainen Duo. They have since then performed together with some of Finlands foremost musicians. Söderbacka and Matikainen have also produced concert series and events such as #musikmittivardagen and #elivejazzhappening. Martin and Eevalotta also co-lead the energetic soul/jazz quintet ”Soul What? feat. Joonatan Rautio”. 

Martin Söderbacka - guitar
Eevalotta Matikainen - bass
David Lyttle (UK) - drums
Joonatan Rautio - saxophone 


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