Odd Brew

Sat 13Nov

Idiosyncratic fusion tunes mixing jazz with house, progressive metal and Afrobeat, only to name a few.

Odd Brew is an instrumental fusion quintet from Jyväskylä, Finland. It collects elements  from a diverse range of musics, such as Top 40 pop songs, classical tunes, West African  music, progressive metal and 80s fusion, and smashes them all to a jazz blender. Original  compositions and occasional cover arrangements are penned by the bandleader Santeri  Kaipiainen. Odd Brew's first full-length album "Kummapaahtoa" was released in May 2021  through the label Eclipse Music, following the self-released debut EP "Koemaisto" (2017). 


Santeri Kaipiainen, keys 

Vili Kallonen, drums 

Aapo Nieminen, guitar 

Aki Saira, saxophone 

Hanna Turunen, bass

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