Joe Vestisch feat. Leszek Chicionski (POL)

Fri 02Oct

Blues Rock

Joe Vestich has lived in Finland for about 30 years and played and worked together with a lot of different musicians, such as Dave Lindholm, Aku Syrjä and Paleface. Lately Vestich has played together with Heikki Silvennoinen. His music smoothly changes from country to blues and rock music.

Leszek Cichonski is considered as the best Polish blues-rock guitar player and internationally known as the artistic director and promoter of the "Thanks Jimi Festival" in Wroclaw in Poland! Since 1991 he's been a band-leader of his own group GUITAR WORKSHOP employing top Polish musicians (Wojciech Karolak, Jerzy Piotrowski– SBB, Jerzy Styczyński – DZEM, Krzysztof Scieranski and others) as well as a blues promotor for Poland.

They will play both covers and their own music.

Joe Vestich (voc)
Leszek Cichonski (guit)
Juppo Paavola (dr)
Ulf "Möffa" Fagerholm (bass)


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