Elias Kovanko & New Bloom

Fri 26Feb

Singer-songwriter & Energetic instrumental space fusion

Singer-songwriter Elias Kovanko mixes different musical styles to immerse the listeners in his atmospheric
storytelling. His musical influences consist of 70s and 90s rock, pop, blues and folk.

Elias L-Kovanko, vocals & guitar
Julia Andersson, piano
Sebastian Sundqvist, guitar
Martin Nybacka, guitar & backing vocals
Emilia Lindblom, bass & backing vocals
Victor Nyblom, drums & backing vocals

Energetic instrumental space fusion with new original compositions by bandleader/drummer Victor Nyblom.
You will hear big synth soundscapes filled with hero-esque guitar solos tied together by catchy basslines and
intense drum beats.
Victor Nyblom, drums & compositions
Emilia Lindblom, bass
Julia Andersson, synths
Martin Nybacka, guitar

For Your safety we will vastly be reducing the number of people in the audience. Do not come to the club if you are feeling under the weather or if you have any flu-like symptoms. We recommend using a face mask. Please wash your hands and use the disinfectant that we provide.

All our gigs are to be live-streamed from our youtube channel:


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