Double feature: Full Moon Drive / Jorma Lover & The Others

Fri 15Oct

Melodic surf rock with a twist.

Surf rock band Full Moon Drive was formed in 2018 in Helsinki. The band has released  their debut EP "Midnight Sessions” which contains 6 tracks of original music. The  members various musical backgrounds from jazz til hard rock and rautalanka, have  contributed to the band's melodic sound. For lovers of groovy beats, organs and sounds of  vintage guitars. 


Joel Karlsson, guitar 

Staffan Strömsholm, keys

Kalle Häkkinen, bass 

Felix Holmberg, drums 


Jorma Lover: 

Rockabilly band with a twist and shout! 


Johan Engström, lead vocals & guitar 

Johan Emet, guitar & backing vocals 

Egon Veevo, bass & backing vocals 

Valter Söderbacka, drums

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