Bubbeli & the Runeberg Orchestra + Michele Uccheddu

Fri 29Mar

Feel-good songs about the everyday struggle


Bubbeli.. a 24 y/o artist from Turku Finland who plays indie/reggae/soul with his amazing band The Runeberg Orchestra.


Sebastian Bubbeli Lindgren (lead voc, ac guit)

Juho Rinne (bass, backing voc)

Axel Benton Ridberg (guit)

Oliver Tschernij (keys)

Mike Södergrann (dr)

Benji Westerlund (sax)

Sandra Herrmans (trp)


After Bubbeli & the Runeberg Orchestra Michele Uccheddu aka 03SIDIAN will play a DJ set. The set is a journey into the electronic music from 90s to 2019 through the best of Trip-Hop, Idm, Underground Music, Jazz and Electronic. From Portishead, Massive Attack, Dj Shadow to Flying Lotus, Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim and many others.


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