Arto Ikävalko Trio

Sat 11Mar

Arto Ikävalko Trio's music consists of inventive original compositions and seamless interplay between the musicians with a lot of risk taking! Arto Ikävalko Trio plays distinctive new jazz music with original compositions by Arto Ikävalko. The music is inspired by the possibilities that human flourishing might take and by the downfalls it is and yet to be facing. It is a hopeful search of how to be in the present, work together and find a connection to make the world better. The compositions create moods of different kinds of worlds, which come to life with the interplay and improvisation of the band members. There is a lot of space for spontaneity and musical conversation, which we dive in together with the audience. Line-up: Arto Ikävalko - Piano Joonas Tuuri - Bass Ville Luukkonen - Drums Doors: 19:00 Show: 20:00 Entry: 10/6€ (members free!)

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