Aleksi Heinola Quintet (FIN/HUN/SWE)

Fri 17Sep

Hard Swingin' Jazz!

The Aleksi Heinola Quintet will present compositions by the members  of the group as well as Jazz Classics from legendary composers such as Wayne Shorter,  Cedar Walton and Joe Henderson. 

The repertoire consists of new original compositions and Jazz 

Classics. The sound of the band is energetic, yet elegant, packed with lots of energy, swing and focus on interplay and groove.  

"It's an honor to get to share the stage with my very favorite musicians. This project is a  dream come true for me. Jukkis, Severi, Daniel and Gabor are musicians who I really look  up to. Im looking forward very much to bring this group to my home town. See you all at  the Doo-Bop Club! 


Gabor Bolla, saxophone 

Severi Pyysalo, vibes 

Jukkis Uotila, piano 

Daniel Franck, bass 

Aleksi Heinola, drums

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