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The music, composed by Julia Andersson, is mainly focused on captivating melodies and colorful harmonies. Each tune has its own atmosphere and its own distinct expression, spiced up by improvisational elements from the musicians.


Julia Andersson – piano

Rufus Malén- bass

Aron Salomäki – drums

Rickard Slotte – trumpet

Robin Bertlin – sax


A Tribute to Bill Evans

Original music by pianist and composer Bill Evans. Music written mostly for pianotrio but also songs that has lyrics written to his compositions. In this line-up we have guitar and bass doing rhytmics and a melodic base for the piano. We also have Mariah Hortans singing some of Bills music that have been given lyrics and this add a fresh set to the original versions that are rarely heard.


Ralf Nyqvist – piano

Mathias Sandberg – guitar

Marcus Söderström – bass

Mariah Hortans – guest vocals